On August 21st the Portland Region had it’s first Ocean Surf event called, The Pacific City Surf Jam Session and it was held in beautiful Pacific City , Oregon. Our weekend started by arriving at Cape Kiwanda Rv Park around five o’clock Friday August 19th. We registered the tent trailer and vehicles for this three day adventure. Friday night was a relaxing night after getting all the sites set up. My Uncle Michael and Aunt Andrea came out with my cousin Ginjerlynn, along with my Uncle Hicks and my Grandpa, Steven. It was really nice to have my family camping and there to support us in this event. They all wanted to see what it was we do and why we have so much fun!

The next day, Saturday August 20th, was more of a expedtion day. We looked around town checking out the local scenery and checked the ocean surf. The surf wasn’t big, but was sure a blast as we watched all the water lovers enjoying their time. The beach was jam packed as it was a warm summer day , perfect beach weather. At the beach we ran into Chris Bensch from Alder Creek who was out there teaching a class on Saturday but also out there with demos for our event on Sunday. We mentioned to him we had a spot at one of our other campsites at the Webb County Park and he was welcome to it. After all this, we went back to camp to relax for a while and  found our friend Scott Ellsworth, from Hood River had arrived. Shortly following Scott’s arrival our friend Christine Broaniak, from Salem, Oregon came to join in the camping fun! Once we had our two new arrivals settled into camp  we all decided to go out for a stroll around town. We went to the local surf shop were my mom and dad seemed to take an interest in this cupcake looking beanie and they bought it, but don’t worry there was something for everybody. I got an awesome fox belt for school and Christine got new shorts. Our next adventure took us to the local grocery store where we got some last minute items before settling into camp. We made it back to camp for grilled chicken with garlic bread and green beans for dinner while figuring out sleeping arrangements for the night. Our campsite was getting full plus with the fact I got sick Friday night in the trailer, no big deal was solved easily, I made up my mind to sleep in Christine’s hammock. She decided to sleep in her tent while my grandpa decided to step up to the plate and sleep in the cot outside , we were having a under the starts kind of night. Once it started to get late, I got my hammock ready for bed but could’nt go to bed without having myself a smore ,which makes every family camp trip a success. Christine and I managed to have a few smores before calling it a night. I settled myself in the hammock and it was really comfortable. I only woke up a few times to adjust myself just because my feet were falling off.

We all woke up around eight o’clock to a soggy camp site however, I didn’t even realize it until my family members informed me. I never felt a drop Saturday night when I was in the hammock. So grateful for the invention of really warm sleeping bags and trees. Our plan was to be up at seven o’clock but quickly made up for our late start and got breakfast going and started packing up our site. Chris ended up joining us towards the end of breakfast and we talked a little about our plan for the days event. Ready to start our days fun, Chrisitine and I headed over to the surf shop. The day before we had decided to rent a surf board due to Christine having a bad shoulder and it sounded like fun. After we rented the surf board we headed to the beach to meet everyone else. I asked mom if she needed help putting up anything for the event, she said she had it under control and I was off to get some ocean time with Chris while waitting till 11am when other boaters would start to arrive. Sunday’s surf was a better than Saturday’s surf but we got fog instead of sun, but this ment little wind. I was trying to dial my top turn and got a few. I had a good time even when I was getting beat down too! Chris on the other hand had to break in his new boat. Why does he have a new boat you ask? Well, his brand new Valley Surf boat was stolen off his car in his driveway. Just glad there was time to be spent in the ocean with World’s coming up in 5 weeks for Chris and I. When others showed up my dad showed them the way to the demo boats if they were interested and pointed them in the direction to the rest of us out in the surf. My dad got out a little and even was catching some waves, Christine was having a blast on her surf board and Scott made it out for the first time in the ocean in his kayak. Allen, a local guy, was out showing us up with the longest ride on a wave, while Althea Sullivan showed us what the best trick looks like. Chris Bensch had the best recovery and I indeed had the best wipeout, this was decided by spectator applause. Through out the day others joined in the fun and it was great to see so many people having a good time! We had about 12 or 13 come for the festives including our deliscous bbq we had right there on the beach. Hot dogs, burgers, potato sald and chips were just a few of the yummy goodies we had to go along with the awesome swag. As we had lunch everyone was talking and hanging out while watching the tide come in. We all decided it wouldn’t reach us before we were done. Wrong! To our suprise it came up quickly and we had to pack it all up in a hurry. Everyone helped make sure everything was packed up and that everyone was ready to get in their cars and go if it came up any further. Once we were out of the danger zone it was swag time. Everyone walked away with something including smiles on their faces. We met so many new people and even turned Althea and Rob McKenzie on to Pacific City. We were able to get most everyone’s info for future events and just to keep in touch. A very special thanks to Chris and Alder Creek for the demo boats and helping by supporting us! It was great to have a local shop and fellow team member out there! Thank you to everyone who came out,  helping make this event so successful!