Well I went paddling without my Camera and regret it. A group of us did the Chilliwack Canyon this weekend and it was a larger group so we had split up into two groups. We had gone a couple of drops without seeing the second group behind us so decided to eddy out and wait for them to make sure everything was ok. A minute later one of the paddlers from the other group caught up to us and said there was a swim and everything was ok and he was getting back in his boat now. As he was telling us that out from the bushes came a little bear cub. It walk to the water and up the shoreline. I was glad that it went up stream and not downstream. I don’t think it even saw us but I’m sure mother was around and she would know that we were there. It just walked up the shore line like a kid on a beach with out a care in the world. at one point it looked like it was eating something of the rocks. We thought that it may have caught a fish or mom had brought one to shore for him earlier. I’m glad I’m able to remember the site but I really wish I had a picture to show everyone. I have seen a few bears on the river when the fish start running but this was my first baby bear out for a stroll on the Chilliwack. We also decided that if anyone happened to swim this rapid that they would have to swim the next since we were not going to disturb the bear or the mum.