This year has been another great season for providing instruction on the Spokane River and introducing new boaters to the sport of whitewater kayaking.  Post Falls Parks and Recreation, Spokane Parks and Recreation, Hydrology Kayak School, Flow-Adventures, EWU Epic Adventures and Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club are just some examples of groups helping to introduce new paddlers to the sport of whitewater kayaking.  I was able to get the opportunity to help and lead instruct a few courses, so here is a summary of one of those classes.

This year’s SCKC Whitewater Kayak class took place on July 16th and 17th.  We had a great group of 5 participants and all were eager to get on the water.  The class started at Boulder Beach with the flat water basics of gear orientation, wet exits, webble-wobble, T-Rescues, and paddle strokes.  We then moved up to the Centennial Bridge site just below Plants Ferry Park to take advantage of a little more current.  Here the group dove in with both feet to work on their eddy turns, J-Leans, and ferries.  Of Course this lead to more wet exit, T-Rescue, and swim practice. J

On Day two the class started at the Mission Rd. Access (Sullivan Hole) and paddled down to Mirabeau Point.  Taking full advantage of every opportunity to practice the skills they had learned the day before.  It was at this time that we introduced them to what Kayaking is all about, FUN.  The class went out for lunch together and headed up to Barker Rd. for a fun float from Barker to Mirabeau Point.  The group was a lot of fun and there was no holding them back.  With big smiles they hiked up for a second run down Flora Rapid, punched Sullivan Hole, and even tried a few Eskimo roles.    Thanks to Mike Hamm of Hydrology Kayak for loaning some of his equipment and time to help put on the class.

I am sure you will see some of the many new boaters out on the river this fall when the flows return.