Hey Everyone,

October 2nd, we’re going to have the very first hometown throwdown EVER in the history of Yorkville. It’s going to be EPIC!

Since Yorkville doesn’t quite have the features for some serious playboating, we’re going to make this throwdown a “Boatercross” event.

What is boatercross you ask?  groups 5 at a time will race down the course all at once, going around obstacles, doing attainments and heading back down stream as fast as they can.
I know what you’re thinking “But, Bob… won’t people bump into each other? there could be some carnage”   …my friend, that’s the idea ;)
This will be as much fun to watch, as it will be to participate in.
If we have a large enough crowd (and we should), we’ll break up into a few classes:
Advanced Short Boat
Advanced Long Boat
Of course, there will be prizes for everyone who finishes at the top of their class.
On top of the awesome prizes donated by all of World Kayak’s sponsors… the local boat shops have pitched in to make the prize pot even better. Next time you’re at Geneva Kayak, Paddle and Trail, or the Yak Shack, be sure to thank them!