In 2007 we threw together an impromptu contest, one that saw hundreds of applicants in only a few days.  A contest that saw the winners being guided down the Gauley with some of the best paddlers around.  This year we do it all again!

World Kayak has partnered up with some the paddling world’s best athletes to help answer the age-old question “Am I ready for the Gauley yet?” The event is free and open to registered WK members who have never been down the Gauley before.


  2. You will be sent a confirmation email. All members should set up a blog.
  3. On your blog, post up a brief summary of why you think you’re ready for the Gauley!Give us a creative excuse along with a list of other rivers that you have boated. WE NEED TO SEE YOUR PADDLING RESUME… and we’ll help you decide whether or not you’re ready.
  4. Tell us that you’ve posted it all by sending us an email to colin @ worldkayak .com (take out spaces).

Names will be drawn out of the hat and groups of 4 boaters will be set up with teams of 2 experienced, pro athletes. WK will be interviewing all applicants to make sure that we are not going to put anyone on a section of river that is above their skill level. WK requests that if you are one of the lucky participants that you make a donation to AW for all of their hard work.

This year we have confirmation from a good many Jackson Kayak team members, Steve Fisher and Spencer Cooke of Riot and many others.  If you are interested in helping with the guiding, please send an email to