272004_10150314085151413_111786231412_9867524_7003519_oMy day started off cutting BBQ dinner tickets at Wet Planet while my mom was helping prepare food in the kitchen. Shortly after that, Heather Herbeck and I drove up to BZ. This is where the BZ Huck your Meat competition was held and I was helping to judge. There were 5 competitors that were going279205_10150314080466413_111786231412_9867450_2113475_o to huck this fall and included a first timer. There was a lot of carnage and the only one that didn’t swim was the first timer. The river was just under 4 feet making for a crazy but great event. Winner Trevor Sheehan was joined by Brendan Wells, Orion Meredith, Preston Brown and Mike to make up a group of brave souls in this competition. Then a group of us paddled down from BZ to Rattlesnake for the next competition. I decided to just help judge instead of competiting. There was 6 guys that decided to show their fun moves going down Rattlesnake that included a rock spin by Sam Drevo in his Villan,  Orion Meredith had some crazy surf moves in his Dagger Green Boat and a stand up move from Brandon Wells that turned into a swim move. Preston Brown and two other competitors made up for a great competition. Orion Meredith ended up taking first for his great moves in Rattlesnake and was the overall winner for total combined points for both comps. There were a lot of laughs and cheers being shared by everyone watching. It looked so fun that after the compention I decided to give Rattlesnake a try. Surfing it was great fun and I even pulled off some great moves. After I got out of my wet gear my mom and I decided to head to the festives at Wet Planet. There were a lot of speakers about the history of the river and area, damns, and inforamation about the Condit Dam removal. It was a lot of great information and a lot of questions were answered about the dam removal. The presenters included: Jeanette Burkhardt from Yakima National Fisheries, Pat Arnold from Friends of The White Salmon, Megan Hooker from American Whitewater, Sue Baker from the Forest Service, Dana Sheffler from Mt. Adams Park and Rec., And Russ Howison from Pacific Corp. I also helped with the raffle by calling out the tickets where I, myself was hoping to win some cool stuff but I sadly came out empty handed. However, Tim Hardin made out like he does every year and a canoeist made out the best winning, the Jackson Star. The sponsors included: Next Adventure, Jackson Kayak, Kayak Shed, eNRG Kayaking, Kokatat, IR, Girls for Sport, Cooper Spur Resort, Forest Service, Wet Planet, Strawberry Mountain Gym, Crossfit Mt. Adams, Sheer Madness Productions and Alder Creek. With the combination of speakers, the sponsors and all the volunteers it made for a fun and272328_10150314090216413_111786231412_9867611_8066618_oeducational event that I look forward to next year.

Visit this link to see the BZ video by Sheer Madness Productions  http://vimeo.com/26280949

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