WKA lot has happened since we last got together and it appears as though the Park process has found a few bumps in the road. As some may have heard, the City of Spokane’s appeal to retain the RCO Grant Money was denied. From what I can tell this does not mean that the project is dead. Both Travis Nichols and Tim Sanger have voiced that Friends of the Falls and the City of Spokane want to see this project through to completion, and that they are working hard to keep things moving forward.

I have asked what we as a paddling community can do to help out… At this point it seems as though the best thing that we can do is get together monthly so the City and FOF know that we are still behind the project and that this is something that the community wants to see in Spokane. As simple as it may seem, just getting together monthly as a group to have dinner and talk about the project does help achieve this goal.

Please come down to the next gathering. Mike Aho from the City and Tim Sanger from Friend of the Falls will be there to present what has happened over the last weeks and where the park project is heading. This would be the perfect time to get firsthand knowledge of what has happened, what will come next, and to ask “what can we do?”

Please feel free to share this with anyone that you think might have an interest in helping out, or just coming down to visit and hear the update.

Next Gathering:

Tuesday July 26th


The Back room at Jack and Dan’s has been reserved!!


Steve Bailey