Another crazy fun day on the riviere St-Charles in Valleyfield, Quebec went off without a hitch!
(First let me apologize for the lack of pics and video. We had a camera melt down. the result. 2 weeks of photos and media gone….)

Saturday morning was a warm friendly of day. Sylvie and hitched the CReW trailer, loaded he kids and trucked off to Valleyfield at 9 am to set up for registration. July is a funny month and you can never be sure if the event will be packed or sparse. We got lucky. The kids from the slalom club in Valleyfield came out and with a few of our regulars we had a good good.
15 people signed up for the boater-cross and 12 competed. Last month we started above the tubes for a 2 on 2 race but this time we opted for a larger group start.
I walked the kids through the course which included 3 must make upstream gates in tiny eddies. 3 heats fed to 2 which fed t o a final. We also ran a B group (all those who were bumped off in the first heats). Everyone got loads of rides.

The upstream gates are awesome as they force the racers to cross each other. A crafty paddler can use these moments to jump up as much os 3 places in the race.
Everyone raced fair and clean but there were a few very awesome rivalries (Max and Zachary) and some sweet collisions without injuries. :)
Sportsmanship was 100% and thanks to the good gate judges the only contested move was overturned by the consensus of the judges.

The finals of the A group ended as follows:

A1- Louis-Philippe Legare
A2- Zachary Zwanenburg
A3- Marc-Antoine Dubois
A4- Sam Lizotte
A5- Max Leboeuf
A6- Francois Lizotte

In the second group the final places ended as follows:
B1-simon lefevbre
B2- Charles Demeule
B3- Yannick laviolette
B4- Jocelyn Quenneville
B5- Emily Zwanenburg
B6- colin Poirier

When the race was over every one stopped for lunch and we got geared up for a 1 PM freestyle event.
Something about afternoon, people come out of the woodwork :)
When we  were ready to go the we had 16 people register and 14 competed :) What makes the afternoon event a hoot is the number of spectators hanging out to watch.
The judges had to keep up whith Francois BP as he threw down fast and furious :) He also showed up a helix which is a first at Manic :)
From the others we saw, entry moves, loops, space gods, cartwheels, split-wheels, back loops and more. From the shore we could hear the cheers from the friends and family who came out to watch. Soo nice to be encouraged:)

When it was over the scores looked like this:

Name Score Category
François Lizotte 64 C1M
zachkayak 188 K1JM
Maxime Leboeuf 74 K1JM
Sam Lizotte 40 K1JM
yannick laviolette 27 K1JM
simon lefevbre 20 K1JM
Charles Demeule 19 K1JM
Emily Zwanenburg 22 K1JW
Francois Proulx 339 K1M
Aime-Jean Lavigne 158 K1M
Louis-Philippe Legare 102 K1M
Jocelyn Quenneville 47 K1M
Jimmy bergeron 29 K1M

Well done to everyone who stood up to manic.

Moments to remember:
Young Sam, albeit after the event, looped his Fun 1 1/2 for the first time and kept looping for the rest of the day! Who hoo!
Emily Zwanenburg, stopped during her race to make sure that Colin was OK after his swim in the second heat. Sportsmanship matters. Well done Emily.

When everyone joined up back at the trailer at the put in, we had fun with the awards and then the prizes from our sponsors.
Everyone walked away with something for their efforts.

Our format of the double header works well and our paddlers are happy with it. So now we slowly started thing about our next event of 2011. We decided that the next one should be when folks are just thinking about school and the end of the season so we are hosting the next double header on September 10. Same time and same place.

I hope we will see loads of people looking for that final event of the year.

Till then there is loads of paddling to do. July is not over and august will have its memories to build still.

Until next time,

Paddle hard and have fun,

Robert Zwanenburg
(looking good in his Chaco Z2 Vibram Yampas :) )

PS: we are waiting on some pics from a friend and as soon as we get ‘em they will be posted.