ACC07On July 30th, the Central Chapter of the Arkansas Canoe Club will host its annual Surf & Turf event at the Ouachita River Whitewater Park.  From the river right side of the play park, the Central Chapter will be hosting a big burger burn.  Usually, an impromptu down river float trip materializes and the floaters will reach the park, just as the burgers are coming off the grill!  The club provides the burgers, dogs, and all the condiments and members will be bring different side dishes and deserts.  Bring you own beverages, including plenty of water, as the temperatures will be nearing the triple digit marks.  Come down for the burgers, but stay and play with tunes being pumped across the river and demo kayaks from Jackson, Liquid Logic, and Wavesport provided by Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters.

After a full day of paddling at the whitewater park, Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters, is once again hosting its “after party.”  The theme is “Old Skool”.  They’re encouraging people to wear retro paddling gear to the party and they will be showing old skool paddling videos, a-la VHS.  There are sure to be people on the “back porch”  pickin and grinnin as well.

Its sure to be a full weekend of fun!  For more information check out the Arkansas Canoe Club message board at

See you There!