-Deb Reynolds reportingExplore Holston

Church Hill to Christian’s Bend

This stretch of the Holston River is a great stretch for a both beginner and more advance paddler. The water typical has enough current to allow you to drift and look around at God’s creation but enough water to get a work-out if you want one.  It is one I have traveled several times but every paddle is different and thus worth repeating each year. 


We had a completely new crew today with 5 solo kayaks and a canoe.  I left my kayak on my car for the opportunity to canoe with Bill Tindall who lives on this stretch of the Holston River and provided me a personalized tour. We started out about 9:30am with a light rain that eventually disappeared with a temperature in the high 60’s low 70’s. After week of hot humidity, this day was a gift.


This year we saw the results of the storms we have had with many trees on the shore washed away and no signs of beaver slides. Bill took us around every island for the most scenic route, several of which I had not been around before and we skipped by one island as a small sandbar had appeared blocking our way. Spencer was fishing most of the trip and caught and released ~7 fish – a few bass and several small bluegill.   We saw a very small fawn for this time of year on the last island. We also saw blue heron, cormorants, tons of green heron (a first for me), kingfishers, Canadian goose, many wood ducks, turkey buzzards, and LLB’s (little brown birds), catfish, and turtles sunning on rocks. I think many of the group will be back after seeing several fishing spots they want to try. Present were Rick and Denise Wright, Eric and Trish Osborne, Spencer Gilliam, Bill Tindall and myself.

Trip Leader Bill Tindall

Trip Leader Bill Tindall