KWP Fun Run Race Series


Week – 2


A great second week to the KWP Fun Run Race Series.  We had 27 paddlers out paddling and 20 competitors the most for ay Tuesday.  The evening started off with some rain showers but they soon blew over as paddlers dressed and got ready for paddling.  Water was on the lower side compared to last week, a little less intimidating but still fun and challenging for the drops at the bottom.  Again with the numbers that are showing up paddlers spread out and warmed up paddling various lines down the drops.  After a couple of laps of paddling it was time for the event.


The Event Tuesday night way the KWP Iron Man.  Which consists of two laps of the falls which is timed.  The race starts at the bottom of the falls, participants must run up with there boat to the top of the rapid (approx 500m) get in paddle down, run the falls, get to shore and do it all over again.  Finish line is bottom of falls on the second lap.  Racers start 10 seconds apart.  2o Paddlers lined up ready to run as the starting whistle was blown every 10 seconds.  Props to Tony for taking the lead position on the race this week, however he was unable to hold that position.  After some very tired finishes the times were calculated.  Zack won with a time of 8:16 followed by Paul (Last year’s event winner) with a time of 8:31 and Rob C. with 9:07.  Honorable mention to Brett who has only been out a handful of times finishing 5th and to Sara who beat her boyfriend Jake by one second with a time 15:02.  Full results of race below.


  1. Zack             8:16
  2. Paul             8:31
  3. Rob C.         9:07
  4. Isaac            9:12
  5. Brett B.       10:04
  6. Tom             10:22
  7. Rob K.         10:49
  8. Jac               10:56
  9. Leah             11:56
  10. Tony            13:20
  11. Haley           14:16
  12. Sara             15:02
  13. Jake             15:03
  14. Doug            15:14
  15. Jari              15:30
  16. Matt             15:44
  17. Colleen       16:44
  18. Elaine           DNF
  19. Marcie          DNF
  20. Darryl           DNF


So with Week – 2 complete the race for the overall Fun Run Race titles has begun.  ack has taken the over all lead, but will be unable to make some weeks in August, so his lead will dwindle away in coming weeks.  Out of the 45 different paddlers we have had over the past 2 weeks only 13 have made it to both weeks which has started the race for participation award i.e. paddle that comes the most.  Its to early to tell who Top Female and Youth is at this point will need to get some more weeks in to determine that.  Top 7 over all leaders listed below.


Overall Standings


  1. Zack              13 pts.        
  2. Paul               7 pts.
  3. Jacob           7 pts.
  4. John Scott  5 pts.
  5. Rob C.           5 pts.
  6. Tom               5 pts.
  7. Cale                5 pts.


Still plenty of time to get out and participate, 7 more weeks to come.