The Temps are rising and the level is dropping.  We have had a great year at Dead Dog Hole.  It’s hard to believe that it has been in for almost five months and Corbin has been in multiple times during the last five months as well.

When word got out that the State Line Bridge directly above and next to Dead dog was scheduled to be romoved and replaced the common question was “what will happen to Dead Dog?”… We owe a great thanks to the few dedicated paddlers that took the time to meet with the designer of the new bridge and the project manager.  Together they were able to identify the significance of Dead Dog Hole as well as some historical pieces of the old Bridge, and a plan was put in place to help preserve Dead Dog for future use.

We all watched as equipment, rock, bridge embutments and much more went in and out of the river.  Hoping for a good outcome.  This Spring we got a sweet surprise when Dead Dog came in as usual and the layout of the new bridge made the area feel even more open than before.  The new rock stabilized the river bank and added  a much cleaner look.  Construction crews were awesome and allowed us access to the feature throughout the entire spring flows.  Niel Carroll of Spokane County Public Works wrote in an email that; ”There are several aspects of this project that have been fulfilling for me.
Working with your group to preserve DDH as well as getting the CT realigned to
eliminate the at grade crossing with Appleway Road are at the top of the list.”