KWP Fun Run Race Series


Week 1


Off to a great start this season with Week 1 complete in the Fun Run Race Series.  We had 17 competitors, 35 paddlers and well over 40 people attending the evening festivities.  The evening started with a recreational paddle allowing everyone to get back into the swing of things at Burleigh Falls.  After a couple runs of both chutes it was back to the top to start the first event.


Week 1 is usually a Boater Cross and this year was no different.  17 paddlers of the 35 stepped up to give it a shot.  Course and rules were set and 17 paddlers (all at once) came to the line.  A quick whistle blow and all 17 paddlers turned and paddled hard for the bottom.  Jacob, John and Zack got out to early lead followed by Terry and Tom as the remainder of the pack jostled for the fasted water under the bridge.  With so many participants paddlers split on the middle section with some going right and some left.  It was hard to say which line was faster, as I think paddlers fitness weighed more into the equation then the water.  But Zack, Jacob and John still held the lead going up to the falls.  Cale was able to get in front of Tom and closed in on Terry.  Over the falls and across the finish line was Jacob 1st, Zack 2nd and John 3rd.  Followed by 14 other paddlers.  Some paddlers didn’t leave enough in the tank for the end on the race and the falls, as Rob K. will attest, as we had 4 swimmers.  Everyone did great it was a fun and exciting event to watch and partake in.  Paddlers made it back to headquarters where food, beverages and prizes were handed out.  Expect more of the same every week for the next 9 Weeks.  Final results of the night were.


  1. Jacob
  2. Zack
  3. John Scott
  4. Cale
  5. Tom
  6. Terry
  7. Yari
  8. Todd
  9. Tony
  10. Jacky
  11. Rob K.
  12. Malcolm
  13. Aurn
  14. Bruce
  15. Colin
  16. Colleen
  17. Brian E.

Next Fun Run Race Series – Week 2 is on Tuesday July 5.