The second event in the 2011 Nolichucky/Nantahala Hometown Throwdown series was a rockin’ rodeo at Big Rock on the Lower Nolichucky River, TN!  We had 32 competitors join in for some fun freestyle competition!  We also had several spectators who watched and cheered on the competitors from the Riverpark Campground bank.  The river level was around 800 CFS which made the Big Rock wave/hole feature nice and fluffy for big air!  The weather for the afternoon was sunny skies and warm temps. 


2011 Nolichucky Hometown Throwdown Event #2 Results:


Women’s K-1:

1. Taylor Dwyer (65)

2. Ann Marie Pelcher (64)

3. Alisa Royen (54)


Junior Men’s K-1:

1. Kai Franken (155)

2. Zac Agnew (86)

3. Carter Davis (82)

4. Mitch Bearden (67)



1. David Goodwin (91)

2. Chris Vella (35)


Men’s Expert K-1:

1. Ty Caldwell (215)

2. Duane Gibson (212)

3. Andrew Koch (208)

4. Matt Anger (203)

5. Daniel Dutton (198)

6. Rick Franken (190)

7. Brad Barker (156)

8. Clay Lucas (149)

9. Brad Caldwell (142)

10. Paul Butler (119)


Men’s Intermediate K-1:

1. Mark Tomlinson (124)

2. Chris Vella (111)

3. Steve Moore (97)

4. Wesley R. Bradley (91)

5.  Jason Miller (78)

6. Travis Vaughn (55)


Men’s Novice K-1:

1. Jeff Weatherford – Hand Paddler (98)   

2. Mike Dorsey (55)

3. Ian Watson (52)

4. Michael McNeal (27)

5. Shaun Freudeman (11)

6. Pat Ladner (8)

7. Cody McNeal 

Click here for PDF copy of Event #2 Results


Thank you to all the competitors for their participation and congrats to all of our class winners of Event #2!


Event Highlights:

*Several of our Johnson City Team River Runner Chapter members came to represent & compete in this event!  A sincere thank you to all of them for their service to our country as veterans!  That makes them all a big winner of the day in my book!!!


*I think we set a new world record of largest amount of Brown Claws thrown in one event…



*We had 5 swimmers during the event that went home with with the coveted River Gypsies “Everybody Swims” sticker award.


*Finely aged paddler, Mike Dorsey, joined us again to show that you can have fun in these events at any age!


*Mahoney’s, Pyranha, & the Jackson Action Wagon set up nice vendor booths on site for folks to check out their latest paddling gear for sale & demo.


*Everyone who competed or volunteered in the event went home with a prize!


Event #2 Photo Album Links:

Cheryl Killman’s Noli HTTD #2 photo album #1

Cheryl Killman’s Noli HTTD #2 photo album #2

Cheryl Killman’s Noli HTTD #2 photo album #3

Cheryl Killman’s Noli HTTD #2 photo album #4

Noli HTTD #2 Award Ceremony photo album


Event #2 Video highlights by Paul Butler:


Click here to view the embedded video.


A big thank you goes out to all of our great volunteers for their help in event #2:

Jennifer Bradley – Technical Judge & Registration

Shannon Christy – Technical Judge

Erin Weatherford – Scribe & Registration

Ben Carr – Scribe

Susan Jarvis – Time Keeper

Cheryl Killman – Photographer


A special thank you goes out to our World Kayak Partners listed in the banner at the top of this page & the local sponsors below for all the great prizes & support of the events!

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The World Kayak Amateur Points System really seems to be generating some new excitement at our events this year!  I have been contacted by several of the competitors to sign up to Get Ranked.  Don’t MISS OUT on your chance to win 1 of 4 Jackson Kayak Stars that World Kayak is giving away to all members who pay $10 to Get Ranked by September 1, 2011


Participation in the events is the key to bring home a point series championship this year.  After two events, each class is already stacking up in tight competition!  Congrats to our current top 3 leaders in their class:

Men’s Expert K-1:

1. Duane Gibson (230)

2. Daniel Dutton (210)

3. Ty Caldwell (135)

3. Michael Patterson (135)


Men’s Intermediate K-1:

1. Wesley R. Bradley (230)

2. Steve Moore (210)

2. Chris Vella (210)


Men’s Novice K-1:

1. Jeff Weatherford (270)

2. Mike Dorsey (250)

3. Ian Watson (230)


Women’s K-1:

1. Jo Ann Pasqua (135)

1. Taylor Dwyer (135)

3. Ann Marie Pelcher (125)


Junior Men’s K-1:

1. Kai Franken (135)

2. Zac Agnew (125)

3. Carter Davis (115)



1. David Goodwin (270)

2. Chris Vella (125)

 Click here for PDF copy of Point Series Standings after #2


Mark your calendar for July 2, 2011 to join in on the fun & CLICK HERE to Register for EVENT #3 @ the NOC!  I hope to see you on the Nanty to throwdown!!