The Quarter Finals start at 2pm Mountain time tomorrow, July 1, with strong competition across the board after day one at the US team trials in Missoula, Montana!  The C1ers will lead off tomorrow whti two stacked heats featuring EJ, Dane Jackson as well as mainstay’s Seth Chapelle, Jake Ament, Jeff Campbell and others making this a well rounded comp.  Following them will be the JR Women’s competition with 5 up-n-comers ready to take it to Europe in 2011.  Emery Tillman lead the charge off the water showing super initiative in volunteering all day today… WK would like to recognize that she was awesome in her helping out!  Once the Jrs are done, the OC1 finals happens with a classic battle on a very tough wave/hole for these gents.  Eli Helbert sporting the ZZ top style beard will need to kick it in big time as Dane Jackson looks to retain his top spot after prelims.  Two JR Men’s K1 heats happen after that again pitting Dane Jackson vs 9 other kids ready to dethrown him.  The day will end with an amazing showdown of the US’s top paddlers … a mix of legends like Clay Wright, EJ, Jud Keiser and Dustin Urban versus the young’n Jason Craig, the hungry Stephen Wright and a few of the local Montana boyz making it into the top 10 after prelims.  Bryan Kirk, the National Points leader will not be competing tomorrow, but has made the team spot and is destined to be this year’s National Champ!

The World Kayak coverage was blemmed a bit by a faulty wifi router and a better quality camera that refused to cooperate, but by the end of the day the wifi was good to go and the cam will be fixed for tomorrow’s action.

Starts at 2 pm Mountain time… live at