Arkansas is a very unique place to live and recreate in, especially with respect to whitewater paddling. Home to more than 1000 miles of navigable waterways, Arkansas is definitely a place for all paddlers. Most of the whitewater paddling exists in two out of the five main physiographic regions of Arkansas.

The Ozark Plateau and the Ouachita Mountains, both offer great whitewater, but the characteristics are very different. All paddlers in Arkansas will tell you that it is a special day when you get to hit the creeks. This is mainly because Arkansas whitewater is completely rain dependent. In times of draught, time is spent scouting, hiking, and cleaning creeks. Then when it does finally rain, the telephones ring, plans are made, and usually some drive time is involved to get to where the water fell.

NWA way to bring it!

Well its in the books... Fishers Ford was a great time for all and the competition was intense just look for yourself! [vimeo][/vimeo][/vimeo]


Well it was one for the record books, we had a bounce house on the water and eggs as part of the race! I watched the event unfold before me with the delight of a child at Christmas, with contestants swarming to save their egg and trying to take out the opponent's...

HTTD #2 Arkansas

Arkansas is going to go big this coming Saturday (July 25) you will not want to miss this one... Let's just say that there will be a new destination on the river!

Happy Bird Day to all!

We want to say thanks to all and hope that you are having a great Thanksgiving day!

2015 HTTD plans are progressing and it looks GREAT!

Just want to shout out to you all and let you know that we are already working to bring and even more inclusive event for all in 2015. This means a bit more craziness from our end!   James

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