WK Programs

Following the 50,000 foot view chart below, World Kayak has positionned itself to help development in whitewater at key levels of it’s maturity.  With an emphasis growing on the Grass roots levels with events, skills development and whitewater promotion, World Kayak hopes to work with existing organizations in bringing our sport to where many others are.  In a nutshell, World Kayak has set up the following core program areas:

Community Ambassador Programming
World Kayak has sought out Ambassadors whom represent a growing number of paddling regions globally.  These community personalities are typically the ones who light the fire of enthusiasm in their particular region.  We all know who these folks are… they’re the ones who call you to get out paddling, arrange road trips, volunteer at festivals and much more.  World Kayak finds these leaders and puts tools into their hands to help increase local activity and facilitate them… making heightening community fun an easy job for these tireless folks.  To become an ambassador for your region, or to volunteer your help with WK programs in your region, contact Colin Kemp at colin(at symbol)worldkayak.com.

Web Program
World Kayak has a growing number of resources on the web for the paddling community at large.  With our unique level of experience on the web, we have a series of portals aimed at supporting our various programs and initiatives.  These sites include:

Our Ambassador’s first responsibility is to keep their regional web site up to date.  We have developed a full portal for our ambassadors… each region has news, events and local paddling resources listed for all to use.  News is spread by region on this web site with each region being managed by the local communities themselves.

This web site plays host to full curriculums for all forms of kayaking including whitewater kayaking, kayak fishing, touring and more.   With over 500 articles complete with video, photos and more you will find endless tips on how to improve your paddling skills.

Event Programming
Our most active program sector is our event program with well over 200 events world wide.  This is an event series that combines fun competitive events with regional demos and much more.

Hometown Throwdowns
Our Hometown Throwdowns are fun, easy to run and low stress events set up to encourage both community activity (playing together) and skills development.  WK provides organizers with a full ‘event in a box’ kit including rules, scoresheets, prizes and much more enabling anyone to set one up.  Better yet, gone is the ‘full weekend of logistics’ mentality as these events run over a couple hours max.  Prizes are raffled off so that the competitive angst and walls are taken down… and the only thing left is friendly competition and skills development.  Event formats include our freestyle throwdown and Slalom Survivor, a simple obstacle course type race

Video Premieres
Every year World Kayak offers our ambassadors free video premiere opportunities for the night or off season months.  This encourages continual contact and activity for communities.  It also encourages paddlers to bring non-paddlers to events that expose them to the fun of our sport and the cool communities we hang around with.

Educational Programs
World Kayak firmly believes that our educators are our true front lines into the sport.  It is key that they remain healthy and at the top of their game as they introduce folks to our sport and support skills development for enthusiasts.  To support these efforts, World Kayak has invested in paddleeducation.com and set up a valuable resource for kayak schools and instructors to count on.  From Standards in admin, sales, marketing and service delivery available to follow, to community posted instructional tips and tricks, to marketing tools and gateway models, this site will grow to be of great help to any kayak school, club or instructor.